1. Please try and arrive at your Marshall point in time to be ready for the allocated time slot, bring layers of clothing to allow for varying temperatures, a hot drink (in a flask if possible) and some food. If it has not been given to you prior the vests / high vis jackets will be left at your allocated point, you should leave these at the same point when you have finished your marshalling.
  2. Your job as Marshall is to assist the riders in crossing the junction safely and in the correct direction as indicated on the route sheet.
  3. To do this be aware of approaching traffic and warn riders of the presence of traffic by waving the red flag [not all junctions require a red flag] or a spare reflective bib.
  4. Legally you are not allowed to stop traffic so it is the cyclists that have to be stopped.
  5. If any drivers become irate about rider behaviour advise them that this is a Charity event organised by the Catford CC and whilst no club members take part in the ride they can contact us if they wish, refer them to the 'Hell of the Ashdown' website via Google.
  6. Emails should be addressed to: hell.ashdown@yahoo.co.uk
  7. Each junction will be clearly arrowed and have the appropriate warning signs based on a risk assessment of the junction. (If require a copy of the risk assessment this can be obtained by contacting Steve Airey on the details below.
  8. If you do witness any inappropriate behaviour or rudeness by riders please make a note of their rider number if possible and a description as the HOTA will not tolerate the ride being brought in to disrepute by participant’s bad behaviour.
  9. Any Emergency please dial 999 any other non emergency problems dial the 07500 737473 number at the top of the Marshall list.
  10. Any further questions please email or call me via : fixedwheelnut@yahoo.co.uk / Mobile : 07711 822 455 / Home : 0208 298 0711

Steve Airey, HOTA Marshall Organiser